Capital Pacific Design Group (Santa Barbara, CA) – Bethel Engineering has worked closely with Capital Pacific on residential projects in Santa Maria and Orcutt. These projects were taken from concept through construction. Each project posed unique challenges, such as environmentally restricted areas, existing utility conflicts, abandoned on-site oil facilities, railroad right of way conflicts and storm water run-on. Projects include: Old Mill (Orcutt, CA), Harvest Glen (Santa Maria, CA), and Harp Springs (Orcutt, CA)

Contact: Gavin Moores (805) 692-2006/Vince Amore (805) 692-4707

Vincent J. Amore

Capital Pacific Development Group

Capital Pacific Development Group has been working with Bethel Engineering for over six years. We have found Bethel Engineering to be very proactive in the site plan development process and appreciate their collaborative style with all the design professionals. Due to their expertise and ability to work well with all the private and public stakeholders our project site improvements were executed on schedule and our projects realized significant development cost savings.

Harp Springs

Harvest Glen

Old Mill